Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My father was one of thirteen children.  Growing up, I never thought about how hard things must have been for my grandmother.  Times were hard and just surviving was a constant struggle.  She was an expert at making things stretch, organizing, and multitasking and she often did all of this with at least one baby on her hip.

In the last year I have thought about her quite a bit.  Faced with my own trials, I have had to push forward in faith more than ever before.  I have had to put on a smile and keep a positive attitude while one bad thing after another came flying at us at the speed of light.  I learned to think outside the box, scrimp, save and make old things new again.  Above all I learned how important sacrifice and compromise are. 

Grandma mastered all of these skills and without the added benefit of the technology and medical adavances we have today.  She was amazing!

My family on Mother's Day 2010
Grandma and just a few of her kids.

So I draw from her strength through these troubled times.  I feel her over my shoulder, nodding in approval at the choices I make.  I hope I make her proud.


Ami said...

I always love that moment of... connection. Thinking when I do something with or for my family that my mother or my grandmother did those things for hers.

It's especially memorable for me in June every year, as that is the month that my great grandmother gave birth three times.

Both of my children are June babies as well. And when I think of that connection, it makes my heart smile.

Debbie said...

sometimes we need somebody like your grandmother to encourage us to make it through the day...we forget so easily that years ago large families were the "norm" and they did it with much less than we have now.