Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sundays with the kiddos and what I am reading...

Over the last two months I have made a date of Sundays with one of the kids.  After church we come home, change out of our church clothes and have lunch.  I then pick one of the kids (we rotate according to age) to take to the library and run any errands that need to need be done for the week.  It give me a chance to do any shopping that needs to be done for the week, study up on the homeschool lessons and get any books that we need, and spend some time with one of the kids one on one. 

The kids and I all look forward to Sundays!  It's nice to go to the library and be focused on helping the little ones find a book that they are REALLY going to love or discovering a new series for the older kids that we can all read together and talk about afterward.  It also gives me more insight into their interests.  The kids choose  differently when they aren't being influenced by a sibling.  Then they bring home their books and it's interesting to see them share what they like with the other kids.  I think it opens doors that might not be discovered, otherwise.

Picked this up at the library on Sunday and could not put it down! Kurt and Brenda are awesome and I am inspired by the way they put their family first in spite of their unique circumstances.  If you are ever wondering what life is like from a christian perspective with seven kids, I highly recommend this book!