Friday, March 12, 2010

Mi Vida Loca!

As I sit here with my cup of coffee, I am pondering how Chad and I went from no work at all to so much work between us that we are constantly juggling our time. God apparently had a lesson to teach us! I have been working non stop for the last couple of weeks, as hard as the work is, I am really grateful for it. I clean fryers and other restaurant equipment, most hasn't been touched in a few years, so it's really gross and grimy.

A little secret though, I am actually enjoying it! It's a great outlet for my obsessive nature. It's time that I can think and contemplate while I am accomplishing something. I go to bed and wake up early now, as I have people counting on me to get the work done. And the money is nice too. I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel of our finances.

The main drawback is the aches and pains. I have been dealing with some sort of nerve issue in my arm for the last couple of months. My arm falls asleep ALL THE TIME! No rhyme or reason I could just be walking along and I get that uncomfortable pins and needles feeling. There are very few positions my arm can be in without falling asleep. Been to the doctor a few times but it didn't help so now I am just waiting for Chad's new benefits so that I can head to the chiropractor's office and see if he can straighten me out. Until then I'll just grit my teeth and bear it.

Yesterday proved to be a long day, The man I am working for decided to take my hubby out golfing. of course he also decided to give me a whole bunch of work to finish too. So I was a bit grumpy as my hubby loaded those blasted golf clubs into the car as I was slaving away. I told him the the cleaner the equipment was when he got home, the more he was going to have to make it up to me! He came home with prime rib! My husband knows me well!

So today I have tons to do, the equipment I worked on yesterday all got moved out to put in restaurants so I need to get a head start to stock up for next week and I am sitting here procrastinating!

Love and hugs,


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I swear I didn't forget my blog!

Things have been absolutely nuts around here! I guess I will start where I left off.

As it turned out, being an over the road truck driver was not for us! Chad had sort of a falling out with his boss. Long story short, he's been jobless since about two weeks before Christmas. His boss added insult to injury by cutting the pay he already owed him making us a few hundred short for Christmas. It was very upsetting but once again, GOD provided and the kids still had a decent holiday.

Since then he has been diligently seeking employment. He's been really working hard to get on at one company. They are a big company with great benefits and a lot of room for growth. They took forever! But after two months of jumping through hoops and praying like crazy, we got the call yesterday that the job was his. I can''t even tell you what a relief this is!

While he has been pounding the pavement, I have been working on finding some work that I can do from home. As it turns out a friend of ours is really overloaded at work and offered me the excess work. I can do it from my garage and I can squeeze it in as I am available. So for the last few weeks I have been schooling in the morning, working in the afternoons and even fiting in some time in the evenings to crochet or work on jigsaw puzzles with the kids.

It really feels like things are finally starting to fall into place. After two very rough years, it 's great to see a light at the end of the tunnel. hopefully, by this time next year we will have firmer ground under our feet.

The kids are all doing great. They are all working very hard with their schoolwork and making progress. We've had a lot of rain lately so there has been a lot of study time. They all can wait until the weather dries out a bit so they can be outdoors more.

That is all for now, I will try to update more often, now that I am getting a bit of a routine together.

Love and hugs,