Monday, September 22, 2008

happy birthday AJ!

I am still around, just trying to tweak my schedule here and there to accomodate the million and two things on my "to do" list. Just when it feels as if I have all my ducks in a row, something new pops up and I have to fix it again!

So far my little "one room schoolhouse" works pretty well. The kids all have their own work areas now. Tristan works at the bar (a.k.a. the kitchen counter) with my laptop. Heaven is in the corner on the credenza with one of the school-loaned computers, and the second graders share the other school computer at the table across from me. My three wiggly kindergarteners, share a bench at my desk. A place of for everyone and everyone in their place!
Chad began a new position at the same company. Kind of a Sales/Admin position in the office. It's a bit of a pay cut but there is more room to promote, guaranteed forty hours a week, and behind a desk so not very rough on him physically. Which is good news because he injured his knee and will be going in for minor surgery in October.

As for me, I am hanging in there. I work my butt off teaching the kids and then try to find a little peace working on my afghan in the evenings. Since I made them for everyone else I decided it was time I had one for my bed. I am a little over halfway finished with it. When I am done I will be making some ornaments to sell for Christmas.
Last but not least, AJ had a birthday! My baby is six!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Here are some pics from our quiet littl celebration and our Diamondbacks adventure. We made it though six innings on an evening game before the kiddos got really cranky, but for the most part we all had fun.
Aidan's car cupcakes. Dad forgot to buy decorations so mom had to improvise. Chad did bake the cupcakes though!

Love and hugs,


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still here just insanely busy!

I have survived a few weeks of school with the kiddos. We decided that the room we were using as the office was far too small for all of them so we switched with the dining room. It was a pain but now we are much more organized!

There are a few pics of my monsters hard at work!

I actually have a schedule now that I do my best to follow. I have failed miserbaly the last couple of days but hope to get back on the ball tomorrow. I think that the holiday weekend followed by park day and the first speech therapy all in one week threw me off. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

This is going to be a pretty full month for us, we seem to have something planned every weekend (don't ask me how it happened!) and one of those is Aidan's birthday! We have free tickets for all the kids for a Diamondbacks game that day so I think that is what we are doing. We got them by doing the reading contest for the library over the summer. fun fun fun!

The park day was a lot of fun. AJ was mesmerized when the fire truck showed up and sprayed the kids and then he got to check out the truck up close and ask the fireman questions. He told him that he wanted to be one we he grows up. Out of all my kids, AJ is definitely the one who could be running into burning buildings (down the road of course) he has no fear!

Today Ash met her speech teacher, a very nice lady who Ashleigh seems to really like. She even comes to the house so I don't have to tow all the kids with me for therapy, YAY!

Here's proof that some of my kids can at least act like they like each other.....I couldn't resist!

Love and hugs to all,