Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More evidence that my life is anything but dull!

In case you were all thinking that my life was getting boring, here's proof that that is not the case. Just when things were quieting down around here, we heard crying from one of the kids' rooms. they were all roughhousing, Ash was done and apparently Raven wasn't. As she was sitting on the bed reaching down to the floor for a toy, Ray decided to help her off the bed by pushing her! She has a small fracture in her elbow and a cool neon pink cast for two weeks.

She loves her cast and all the attention it brings! I'm just hoping it heals fast so she won't spent the whole summer in pain!

Love and hugs,


Monday, June 1, 2009

More on the Truck situation

After reading the comment from my last post I thought I should elaborate a bit on the "totalled" truck. Since the other person was totally at fault in this accident, we are not dealing with our insurance company at all. We can if we want ( we would have had a rental within an hour of the accident) to but if we did then we would have to pay our $500 deductable and lose our no incident discount on our monthly payments. For the record we have nothing but great hings to say about OUR insurance company and our agent, who has to be growing tired of the daily calls for advice on how we should handle things.

Had the other party not "been in a fog" on the day of the accident, and conveniently forget exactly what the details of the accident were the next day and question who was at fault to her insurance company.(The interesting thing is she called us at home an hour after talking to her agent and apologized to hubby for causing it!)
Her insurance company refused to accept liability until a police report was in hand, and in the state of Arizona where apparently the weather is too hot to rush anything, it takes up to 15 working days to get a report!

We were given the options to either file a claim with our insurance, which they would reimburse us for later for the fees and deductable when the police report revealed their client was at fault. Or just rent a car on our own and they would reimburse us later.....We didn't have the cash for either option.

The good news is that the report finally made it into records, Chad had a rental car within a half hour of faxing it to her insurance company and we should be getting the paperwork revealing how much they are willing to pay for the truck today or tomorrow. So things are finally moving in the right direction.