Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A buck and Change!

Well, big news, I am down under 200 lbs! it's 199 but it still counts! This is the first time since before Mack was born that I have been this low and I have to say I am REALLY HAPPY!!!!

Ok now that I have had my little party, on to current happenings. I know I have neglected the blog yet again, but seriously, the plague hit my house with a vengeance!!! For the last couple of weeks kids have been dropping like flies with fever, chills, coughs, sniffles and even vomitting! I was handling things pretty well until weekend before last when I got it too. In this house everything comes to a halt when Momma's sick!

So now we are playing catch up! Got tons of schoolwork to do now that we are better. I actually kind of freaked out last night when I realized we are three quarters of the way through the school year! How in the world did that happen????? Wasn't it just yesterday I was freaking out about my three babies being school aged?

Anyway, I guess I should get back to school since I have so much to catch up on so I will blog again soon!

Love and hugs,


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

May the TV R.I.P.

Our TV died yesterday! I know we really don't watch it as much as we use to but when we can't watch it we really notice it's absence! At least our taxes are coming so we will have the money for the new one!

Life is pretty normal today, playing catch up with schoolwork and dealing with household drama. Since I have started at the gym it's like I have gotten behind on everything else. How do these Supermoms juggle everything????

Hopefully soon I will figure out the secret!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekly weigh in

Well, the love/ hate relationship with my scale continues! One whopping pound last week for a grand total of 9.5 lbs! Wasn't really thrilled after busting my rear all week but Chad did his best to console me and told me that any loss is a good thing.

Did I mention he lost more than me? I know he loves me and was trying to make me feel better but it was a bitter pill to swallow coming from someone who was downright giddy when he got on the scale. He's been avoiding my evil eye for the last couple of days!

So I am stepping up the cardio this week and hoping for the best!

In other news, not much new is going on. LOL! I know my life is pretty uneventful but that's ok. Raven is still dealing with the cold from before although now it seems to be moving down to his chest. Poor little guy has a nasty cough that keeps him up at night, even after having cough syrup. I hope he gets over it soon!

Well I guess I had better get back to school work with the kiddos.

Love and hugs,