Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catching up!

Well we spent a better part of the weekend dealing with the tree. I am happy to say It didn't harm the house or the block fence, just raised our blood pressure a bit and made us work a lot in the crazy heat. We have most of it down except for the trunk, which is still crooked. Chad is looking for a way to knock it down without taking out any walls but I think it would look great as a totem pole, if only I could find someone to carve our faces in it, yeah it's crooked and imperfect, but it totally fits my nutty family!

In all the lumberjack fun we thought it was a great time to buy a fire pit (we have all this wood now!) Well, we have fired it up twice and had the police called on us twice. Apparently our neighbors don't want us out making smores! Each time the police were very nice, even cracking jokes about all the wood we have on hand and how much better the neighbors satellite reception must be! They saw that our little fire was contained and attended and went on their merry way. I have to say though, karma is probably gonna bite our grouchy neighbor in the rear!

I survived the first day of school with all seven!!!! It was a little rocky at first (mass chaos is a better word!) but by lunchtime, Chad was home and having all kinds of kindergarten fun with the three little ones! I did get a little sad when I realized I have no babies anymore, all my monsters are school aged:( but we had fun and got quite a bit accomplished!

Love and Hugs,


Saturday, August 9, 2008

A very awkward way to introduce yourself to your new neighbor.

On the day after a particularly rough monsoon thunderstorm; "Hi we are your neighbors and that's our tree on your roof!"

Mother nature has a cruel sense of humor sometimes!