Monday, March 31, 2008

ok one more movie!

Well it's been a while since I have posted so......

I thought I would fill you all in! Things have been crazy busy around here. Chad's surgery went well. He's still on light duty and probably will be for around three more months. We are so happy with his doctors! If you live in the Phoeninx area and need any kind of bone doctor, head over to The Core Institute!!!!!

We have had two kid birthdays since I last posted. We decided last year we were going to cut back on the presents for the kids so at their birthdays they get one thing they want and one thing they need. Chad made a new tradition last year that one of us takes them shopping with their "grandma money" so they got the option of getting money from us too instead of their "want" gift. It went over well, they get to decide what is most important to themand buy as much or as little as they want. and then we have cake at home and a special dinner.

Here are Tristan and Mack blowing out their candles. We didn't realize Nathan was trying to help!

Our Easter was pretty quiet too. The bunny brought baskets for everyone and we spent the day hunting for eggs, then we bbq'd steaks. It was really nice to sit out in the backyard and just play and relax with the kids. And while they weren't looking we could sneak some of their candy :)

Now we are gearing up for the end of the year. the kids are all excited (as am I) to not have to do homework every day and hopefully relax and do some fun stuff. If I don't get the chance to post to a while that is why.
Hope all is well!
Love and Hugs,