Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apparently I thrive on chaos!

Well since it's been forever since I actually posted anything worthwhile, I thought I would try to catch you all up. Things around here are never quiet!

We celebrated another birthday, last week! Raven is now six years old and fully prepared to correct anyone that makes te mistake of calling him a baby! He picked breakfast for dinner for his special meal and got to go on a special shopping trip with Dad.

Kids are all doing great in their studies. A's and B's across the board! We sort of have a working schedule, right now it's more of a suggestion than a schedule as appointments and field trips keep shifting everything around, but that's ok.

Chad had minor surgery on his knee at the beginning of the month. I am happy to say this one went way more smoothly than the last surgery. He was back up and about by the end of the day. He ended up taking a position at work that was less wear and tear on his body. The pay is a little less but there is more room for promotion there so I think it was a good move for him. It's nice not having him come home physically exhausted and in pain every night too!

The cut in pay was some incentive for me to get even more serious about saving money. Slowly but surely I am becoming the coupon queen! It's become a new challenge for me to see how much I can save every month. I faithfully read the blogs of large family moms and get great tips on ways to save. Our newest thing is prepaid electric. It's kinda cool keeping the kids involved in checking to see how much we are spending and finding ways to lower the costs. Tristan now hand dries the stuff from the dishwasher and they all help hanign laundry to dry. Luckily the weather had changed so we enjoy the breeze going through the house with the doors and windows open.

We all went to the fair last Wednesday. Our homeschool group went and it was really the most economical way for us. We paid for just the adults them the kids got in free. We took our own food and the kids got free rides for book reports. Ithink next year I might encourage the older kids to make something to exhibit. They are learning granny squares and can make something to enter. I will be posting pics in a few days from the fair.

Well, it's getting late and the kids are waiting for school to begin so I will end this novel for now.

Love and Hugs,

Monday, October 13, 2008


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