Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today is the last official day of school for the year~ Yesterday we went to the last park day. Want to see what really happy kids look like????

Just wanted to share!
Love and hugs,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are blogs the 21st century therapy?

Ok, folks, confession time. I am a blog adict! I love reading about other people's lives. It's like permissive voyeurism. It feels like a peek in their window even though they put it there!

I was in the midle of my little pity party about all the kids being sick and how it kinda cast a shadow over mother's day (it was good, but being sleep deprived and leary of any kid that looked like they might be feeling icky, it was a bit wierd!). When I happened to surf through some of my favorite blogs. One in particular got my attention. Another mom with far more children than I have is going through a particularly hard time. She opens her heart to the kids that have been somewhat forgotten and in the process of showing her love and giving them the life and family they most certainly deserve, they don't always know how to trust it and sadly she gets her heart broken.

WOW!!! What in the world am I complaining about????????

So I am gonna wear my newfound perspective like armor! When my daughter wakes up sick and asks me to scratch her back, I am not gonna focus on the sleep that I am losing, but be thankful that in a world where a child can't bring herself to reach out to her mother, mine is able to look to me for comfort. I am gonna be thankful for the six year old who shoots into my room at night because he is afraid of the lightning because there are children out there who have been so hurt and tossed aside that they don't feel like they have any champions to brave the scary weather for them.

And I am gonna fall to my knees and thank GOD every night that he blessed me with these seven souls to love and learn from!

So I ask you, am I the only one who finds solace and lessons in the ramblings of a blog? I really think it's therapeutic, like stepping into another person's mind for a second and imagining how life could be given different variables. I am grateful to my internet therapists, who unknowingly brought me peace at a time when I thought was so trying and showed me that this too shall pass! I only wish I could do the same for them!



Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am sick of sick babies!!!!

Time for a rant! I haven't slept eight hours in a row in over two weeks! I am lucky if I get two hours in a row! Over the course of the last few weeks a plague has hit our house and won't let up on my kids!

We are dealing with the stomach flu. I currently have one recovering, one "sort of recovering" and two down with it. The kids don't want to lay down and I am a walking zombie! Thinking of spending the few hours I have of coherent time today scrubbing the house and getting the germs out.

So any prayers you can send my way are appreciated. I am seriously hoping the sickies end soon!