Friday, January 30, 2009

It's such a great day!

Well the sun is shining, DIBELS is behind me, so I thought I would blog and spread around my sunshine! Right now I am sitting ON my desk because my seven darlings are scrubbing the floors. I decided to not worry about school today, as the Speech therapist will be here tomorrow and we wil most likely throw in some other schoolwork to round out the day. So today I decided to get the house into shape.

I love the younger kids because they think cleaning is fun (haven't let the older kids convince them otherwise, yet) so they are running around with spray bottles cleaning everything. The older kids can't be upstaged by the littles, so they jumped on the clean the house bandwagon too....AHHHHHHH! LIFE IS GOOD!

No weight updates yet, have to wait for Sunday for that and I can't tell you how hard it is to wait. The scale and I have a serious love hate relationship. I hate it up until it gives me good news then it's my best buddy. I know I shouldn't be so wrapped up in a number, but I wait all week for that proof that all my work hasn't been for nothing!

So for now I guess I will close, Chad should be home soon he gets off early or takes Fridays off, depending on what week it is. It sucks for the paycheck but is nice for his doctor's appointments. only two more and he should be in great shape with his knee....YAY!

So until later,

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on me

Well thought I would give y'all an update since I am trying really hard not to neglect my poor blog. I am four weeks into this new lifestyle and I am 8.5 pounds lighter, WOOHOO! (right now I am imagining 8.5 pounds of fat and getting totally grossed out!) I am a little miffed at Chad who has lost way more than that but what can I do?

I am hitting the gym 5 days a week and hitting the treadmill every single day. I am still running on the mentality that I have to work for my food and so far it seems to be working for me. LOL! I don;t complain much anymore and I am learning that no matter how hard it seems, I will feel better later for it!

Been trying to get into the swing of things with school but the kids have been getting sick left and right so it makes schoolwork pretty hit and miss. I am constantly playing catch up! I will get it all figured out.

Tomorrow is DIBELS testing. I hate DIBELS! The teachers all freak out about it and I think it's kind of useless, but that's just me!

Last weekend we fixed the fence that was the unfortunate casualty of the tree coming down. Chad figured it all out pretty quickly and decided that of all the things he could do with his life masonry is not one that he would choose! LOL! Apparently it's too much of a pain in the rear to really enjoy doing.

OK all have to get dinner on the table, the natvies get restless if you don't feed them! Bye for now!

Love and hugs,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wow, two posts in one month!

Hello all,

Things around here are pretty normal. Got a couple of under the weather kiddos, but that's nothing unusual in January. Still working out. I have lost six pounds since I started all of this on December 31st and I really am starting to feel better. I am doing a 5k in October and I am working myself up to running the whole thing. Can't be embarrassing myself, ya know!

The kids are plugging away at school. The boys' teacher changed, AGAIN! This would make teacher number four this year and I am starting to get annoyed! I think I am changing schools next year. I am going to try the other virtual school out here and see if they are any better. I have heard great things about the other school and this year has been nuts at ours. Teachers have been hired and fired at the blink of an eye and unfortunately, when you have a kids with learning issues it's hard to just start over with a new teacher, trying to get services every couple of months. And I won't even go into the fact that they pretty much ignored my daughter's iep for the first half of the year!

Anyway, that's us in a nutshell right now. Nothing exciting I am afraid. In my life lack of excitement equates peace!

Love and Hugs,


Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes I know....It's been a long time!

I know I am a bad blogger! Been neglecting it yet again! I read other moms' blogs religiously and I am seriously jealous that they can complete a thought let alone get it out there in cyberspace! So I am gonna have to give you all the cliffs notes version of what's been going on around here.

Thanksgiving was great, had the fam over and once again made way too much food. Chad's mom brought over her WII and that kept the adults entertained while the kids snuck tastes out of the deserts. Christmas came and went, again with too much food and spoiled kiddos but still wonderful (will be posting pics later as they are all downloaded to Chad's puter and I really don't want to drag it out right now).

We had a quiet New Year, the kids spent the evening watching movies until just before midnight I went looking to see who was still awake. The youngest three had crashed but the oldest four came out to watch the ball drop, get new year hugs and kisses and head off to bed. I know we lead and exciting and glamorous life, don't we?

New Year's day the guys decided to cut down the rest of the tree that fell on the neighbor's roof a few months ago. After trying for months to find someone to loan him a chainsaw that was big enough, he bit the bullet and bought one. Unfortunately, part of the fence did not survive the lumberjack encounter. So my handy dandy hubby will be trying his hand at masonry next. YAY!

My family has joined a gym. I am fed up with how out of shape I am! I would post before and after pics, but frankly, I don't have the guts! lol. So you all will just have to wait for the after pics, because I am sure when those are taken I will be far more eager to share!

I know a few are laughing at my attempt to get into shape (I am one of the most anti workout people I know!) but I am serious about it! Since December 31st there hasn't been one day I haven't been on the treadmill for at least an hour a day, and I have hit the gym 5 out of seven days every week. They have chilcare there and a place for the older kids to hang out so Chad and I can go in together. Long story short I am out of excuses!!!!

Anyway I will try to be better about posting in the future,

until then,

love and hugs,